RF Industries

Corporate Member

RF Industries is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative interconnect products and complex cable assemblies across diversified, high growth markets. These market include wireless carriers and infrastructure, medical and industrial. Their products include RF connectors, coaxial and custom cable assemblies, fiber optic cables, wiring harnesses, and medical wiring. RF Industries is a leader in connectivity solutions that are used throughout the growing and evolving wireless infrastructure.


Q & A with VP of Sales & Marketing, Manny Gutsche:

SBC: Which problems do you focus on solving in the process of improving in-building public safety wireless communications? 

Manny: Providing reliable interconnect and passive components in a timely manner. Expanding our product offering to provide a broader selection of passive components to simplify and speed up the process of installing a public safety wireless system.

SBC: Do you have any products or services that can improve in-building public safety wireless communications? 

Manny: Low PIM passive components that reduct system interference and improve system performance and reliability. 

SBC: Why is it important for RF Industries and others in the industry to get involved in the public safety arena? 

Manny: For future business expansion, public safety in-building wireless presents large and long reaching opportunities. The importance of first responder safety should and will continue to grow as we help build awareness. 

SBC: Why did RF Industries join the Safer Buildings Coalition? And why should other join SBC? 

Manny: [We joined] to understand and participate in the development of wireless applications/systems/components in the public safety market, and to network with people/companies that share values and opportunities.

Learn more about RF Industries and their efforts to connect the world at www.rfindustries.com.