RF Connect

Corporate Member

RF is recognized as a leading organization in the design, deployment and support of high performance unified wireless systems, mobile solutions and applications. They have set the standard in wireless and mobile solutions, and design and deployment expertise through partnering with industry leaders across the entire RF spectrum. The team at RF Connect is committed to employing the best people to mentor and train associates in their offerings and portray their proven successful business philosophies. 


Q & A with Jeff Hipchen, Executive Vice President at RF Connect and SBC Board President:

SBC: For those that don’t know about RF Connect, tell us about what you do. 

Jeff: We design and deploy high performance wireless systems. These are typically cellular, WiFi and Public Safety services.

SBC: Which problems do you focus on solving in the process of improving in-building public safety wireless communications?

Jeff: We provide surveys, design and turnkey wireless systems to assure First Responder communications within all venues.

SBC: Do you have any products or services that can improve in-building public safety wireless communications?

Jeff: We offer professional services for survey, design, deployment, maintenance and monitoring. We have GROL certified Engineers for system testing and certification.

SBC: Why is it important for RF Connect and others in the industry to get involved in the public safety arena?

Jeff: Public Safety communications save the lives of citizens and First Responders.

SBC: What inspired RF Connect to be a member of the Safer Buildings Coalition? 

Jeff: We have a passion for good causes and the Safer Building Coalition is a cause that will impact all of us.

SBC: What would you say to others in the industry considering joining the Safer Buildings Coalition?

Jeff: Whether you are a vendor providing products or services directly or indirectly for Public Safety or a user of First Responder systems you should join to help learn and educate the industry to help save lives.

To learn more about the products and services offered by RF Connect, please visit their website at www.rfconnect.com, reach out via telephone at 248-489-5800, or email Jeff directly at jhipchen@rfconnect.com.