Insights From LTE – North America 2015

The Safer Buildings Coalition’s Executive Director, Chief Alan Perdue is back from Dallas where he attended and presented at the annual LTE North America summit. For those that don’t know, this event is an industry meeting point where presentations and discussions of the present and future of cellular networks occur.

Here’s what Chief Perdue had to say about the event:

Safer Buildings Coaliton LTE North America 2015

Chief Perdue talks public safety at LTE North America. Photo credit @SOLiDUSA

Chief Alan Perdue:  LTE North America was good, had some really good discussion with industry leaders on public safety, where some think it’s going, where they think it needs to go. Very good panel discussion, well attended and some good dialogue with my cohorts on the panel.

Safer Buildings Coalition:  Anything new that’s come up or anything that caught your attention that made you think, “wow, that’s interesting”?

CP:  I think one of the key pieces in attending some sessions and hearing some discussion was FirstNet presentations and how that will impact the LMR land mobile radio systems going forward.  The timeline for that is varied depending on which industry analyst or presenter you spoke with.  I think another key piece is the TETRA system.  Knowing what’s happening in other countries and what’s happening here and then learning from each other I think is going to be critical to solving inoperability in building connection and communication and how we solve that problem.

SBC:  I understand you where also on a panel with Robert Legrand (The Digital Decision) and Phil Kidner (TETRA Critical Communications Association).  What was your core message?

CP:  SBC’s core message was looking at it from the building owner aspect with multiple organizations working to solve issues whether it be location, signal coverage or public safety looking at responder locations.  Regardless of which problem you’re trying to solve, it’s inherent that we work together so that the building owner is not ripping and replacing technology — but rather enhancing technology to solve additional problems.  Our message was for folks to continue to look in that arena.

SBC:  So what’s next?

CP:  Right now with the holidays things slow down a bit.  We’re working on some internal things to get prepared for 2016. Of course IWCE will be coming up. We’ll also be submitting our ICC code proposals on January 11th and having those completed.  And then after that, attending various committees to discuss our proposals and try to get those adopted.

SBC:  Thanks for the update, Chief Perdue.

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