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Genwave Technologies is a professional RF engineering company with a difference. They provide traditional design and RF engineering services, but much of their business is focusses on turn-key systems. Genwave spends time with their clients to define the solution, then they design, build, commission, and provide ongoing managed services and support to ensure confident long term operation. Clients of Genwave range from light commercial projects to airports to nuclear power plants. Their speciality lies in providing in-building wireless systems - specifically for Public Safety, Cellular, and Enterprise Wi-Fi.

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Q & A with Rob Graham, President and CEO at Genwave Technologies:

SBC: Which problems do you focus on solving in the process of improving in-building public safety wireless communications?

Rob: In Canada, our In-Building Public Safety regulatory environment is sorely behind the U.S. and Europe. Genwave actively promotes the addition of Public Safety solutions to DAS projects as well as works to support local politicians providing industry knowledge whenever possible. The key issue we face is that if the developers don't have to include a Public Safety solution, they will typically avoid the cost of the installation.

SBC: Do you have any products or services that can improve in-building public safety wireless communications?

Rob: Absolutely! We are ready, willing and able to design, build and support Public Safety Wireless solutions across Canada. We have access to a broad suite of hardware solutions to ensure a good match of required performance and budget.

SBC: Why is it important for Genwave and others in the industry to get involved in the public safety arena?

Rob: We need to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the lack of reliable communications the moment that our First Responders cross the threshold in an "event." These systems should not be optional.

SBC: What inspired you to join the Safer Buildings Coalition? 

Rob: We need to get the message out and change the regulatory environment. We need to provide reliable communications to those that are putting their lives on the line daily.

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