First Responder Helps Deliver Baby Over Phone

It’s a given that the ability to call first responders is important during times of crisis, but it can also play a fundamental role in facilitating the best days of our life, such as the successful home birth of a child.

Here’s more information from a news release from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office:

Palm Coast residents Brittany and Jason Bowser didn’t plan to have their second child delivered at home by first responders, but when their son decided to arrive a few weeks early, that’s exactly what happened. On Dec. 20, 2015, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 3:35 a.m. saying Brittany, 25, was in labor and was about to have the baby at home. Within minutes, baby Jaxson was racing to appear.

Before deputies and rescue workers could arrive as first responders, Communications Supervisor Amy Bowser - First Responders Help Deliver BabySisti helped guide the family over the phone with her clear, professional and calm demeanor. Upon arrival, Deputies Trevor Jacob, Andrew Cangialosi helped the family while Deputy Jennifer Prevatt assisted in delivering a 6-pound, 17.5-inch baby Jaxson. Shortly after, Flagler County Rescue 92 arrived and transported mother and baby to Florida Hospital Flagler. Both are doing well, the dad said.

Sheriff James L. Manfre praised the four employees for their professional response. “Our jobs involve serving the community. This family was able to experience public service at its best with this birth. I’m extremely proud of all the employees involved.’’

SBC NOTE:  We called the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office to congratulate them. During our conversation it was confirmed that the call appears to have been made by a wireless device.  This further underscores how reliant we have become as a society on our wireless devices especially during times that demand critical communications with first responders.  More importantly, it confirms how important it is that we continue to work towards ensuring that systems are in place that allow us to effectively communicate when we need to most.  Congratulations again to the new parents and the first responders of Flagler County for a job well done!

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