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CTS is a 27 year old, nationwide Professional Wireless services company based in Marlborough, MA. We have offices in major cities throughout the US to support first-responder Signal Enhancement requirements with dedicated teams of engineers and technicians ready to Design, Build, Monitor and Maintain the Passive and Active DAS networks which support Public Safety. Our professional In-Building wireless communication solutions for DAS, WLAN, Small Cell and Public Safety include:

  • Wireless Systems Consulting
  • Systems Design Engineering including Baseline Testing & Constructability Survey, Permitting
  • Systems Procurement, Installation, Commissioning & Optimization
  • Acceptance Testing & Turnover Documentation
  • Systems Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, Break-Fix Services, Annual Inspections & Re-Certification

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* Which problems do you focus on solving in the process of improving in-building public safety wireless communications?

CTS understands the key factors that must be considered in a Public Safety wireless distribution system and knows how to:

  • Find and navigate the First Responder Requirements, NFPA and IFC standards for a successful installation
  • Provide a cost effective and complete solutions approach acceptable to all stakeholders while maintaining the highest level of quality assurance and schedule adherence. 

*  Do you have any products or services that can improve in-building public safety wireless communications?

CTS offers turn-key Public Safety wireless solutions including design through turn-up and acceptance testing, and then on-going system health monitoring, maintenance and break fix.

We are also pleased to offer specialized “Lunch & Learn” classes on Public Safety designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of where the wireless industry is today and where it is headed.

*  Why is it important for CTS and others in the industry to get involved in the public safety arena?

In-Building Public Safety Communication Systems can help save the lives of first responders and the public at large. As we have observed, both natural and manmade tragedies have been occurring at increased frequency and have highlighted the need for reliable in-building communications. Focusing on the creation of uniform and effective codes, installation methods, processes, certifications and training will ensure the most effective in-building communication for those first responders in the performance of their critical work and in the saving of lives. 

*  What inspired you to join the Safer Buildings Coalition?

CTS has been at the forefront of new technologies services since 1991. We embrace the opportunity to continuously learn more, to set the standard and to partner with other companies and organizations with the same vision. The Safer Building Coalition is such an organization and we are very pleased to be a member company.


Please contact us @ PublicSafety@cts1.com or call our VP Consulting, Kern Davis @864-380-1635.  
Visit our Website at www.cts1.com/public-safety