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The Safer Buildings Coalition is currently accepting applications for annual membership.

Membership Benefits:

  • Fire Code and Model Ordinance Development - The Safer Building Coalition will work with its Members and stakeholders to propose revisions to the building codes that relate to Public Safety communications inside buildings.  Members may participate in the drafting of these documents and their socialization in the community. Together we'll propose improvements to the code and remain active throughout all the phases of the code development processes.  SBC will also draft Model Ordinances based on the codes with the expectation that these Ordinances will be adopted in locales prior to the Code’s effective date. Members may also participate in the activity.
  • Training and Education - Safer Building Members receive access to our "Public Safety In-Building Communications" course so they can stay on the leading edge of this emerging market.
  • Members Only Communication - Members will receive regular updates from SBC on emerging technologies, public policy, industry events and other information critical to Public Safety wireless.  In addition, Members have the ability to understand first-hand from one another Member activities, plans, and strategies, as well as the potential for collaboration and partnership.  The relationships formed from joining this coalition are priceless and can significantly increase the marketability of your organization.
  • Annual Meeting Participation - The Safer Building Coalition will host an annual meeting and Member Conference to provide Members a perspective on what is current in the technology, policy and social areas of Public Safety Communication, who the influencers are, where trends are moving, and how Members can contribute to progress and position themselves advantageously. Members pay no fee for the Meeting and Conference including meals and reception.

There are currently three different membership levels:

Corporate Membership

Large companies/organizations that have more than 10 employees.

Annual Dues:  $12,000

Small Business/Organization

Single/small individual consultant with 1-10 employees.   K‐12 schools, and very small Community Colleges or higher education institutions may request special consideration for this rate or special consideration based on affordability.

Annual Dues:  $2,500

Public Safety Organization

Public Safety organizations (Police/Fire/EMS)that support the mission and vision of the coalition.

Annual Dues:  No cost.

Please fill out the online application form on this page to be considered for membership.

If you have any questions please send them to:

We hope to receive your application soon.  

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