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Alliance Corporation is a full-service, value-added distributor of products and services for the communications Industry. We have strategically placed stocking facilities throughout North and South America. We carry a broad range of industry-leading products so we can help you choose the right equipment for your ERRCS/Public Safety DAS project.

Q & A Charlie Schulz, Director, In-Building and DAS, US : Alliance Corporation

SBC: Which problems do you focus on solving in the process of improving in-building public safety wireless communications?

Charlie:  Alliance’s focus is on education and awareness to both the need for in-building communications as well as considerations needed for code compliance. Our network of strategic partnerships, combined with our Best in Class Subject Matter Knowledge experts, position Alliance Corporation as a trusted advisor to AHJs and Integrators alike to ensure a successful - and complaint – ERRCS deployment.

SBC: What products or services does your company have that improve in-building public safety wireless communications?

Charlie: For the local AHJ, Building Owners, and Property Owners, Alliance Corporation offers training and consultative services to further understanding the requirements and implications of NFPA/IFC code compliance from a veteran First Responder.

For Contractors and Integrators, we offer ‘one stop shopping’ for all of your ERRCS/Public Safety DAS needs, including access to in-building design service programs.

SBC: Why is it important for Alliance and others in the industry to get involved in the public safety arena?

Charlie: In today’s society, reliable public safety communications affects each of us on a personal level on a daily basis. It is much more than the traditional image of the firefighters in time of a fire – it includes the EMS providers in times of a medical emergency in the office or public space, and law enforcement in times of workplace violence. We all have the moral obligation to do what we can to ensure that our First Responders have reliable communications in every building they are called upon to serve in.

SBC: Why did you join the Safer Buildings Coalition? And why should others join SBC?

Charlie: Alliance Corporation recognizes the importance of reliable in-building communications for our First Responders and has joined to help fulfill their obligation to help spread the word throughout our industry.

For me, it’s a personal thing. The majority of my family and friends are some form of First Responder, and I personally have been an active volunteer firefighter since my youth. I have been in a building where my radio didn’t work, and I can assure you that it is not a pleasant experience.

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